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peter hilgendorf

Peter is our host, producer, designer, and sweeps the sidewalk out front of Record Stories each morning. He lives and breathes in West Seattle with his collection of 2 kids and 10,000 lp records (and tapes!) He worked at Easy Street in the 1990s. Peter is a founder and creative parter at Lake & Pine Design Studio.


matt vaughan

Your co-host is Owner/President Matt Vaughan who worked at two different record stores during his teen years. In 1987, with both stores ready to go out of business simultaneously, Vaughan approached both owners and offered to consolidate the two stores into one. Vaughan opened Easy Street Records in the business district of West Seattle (known as “The Junction“) in 1988 and the following year moved the store to its current location on the primary corner of the Junction in the historic Hamm Building. In 1999, he leased the space next door (previously “Joe’s Grill”), installed a new kitchen and bar, and by 2001 had opened a full-service cafe. 



Rachel flotard

Record Stories friend and contributor Rachel Flotard is an artist manager, writer, musician, producer and mother of three. Flotard was the songwriter, front woman and guitarist for Seattle rock band Visqueen for over a decade, releasing three albums, King Me (2002), Sunset on Dateland (2004) and Message To Garcia (2009 – Local 638 Records). She tours and records with Neko Case and lives to collaborate with the folks she loves.



Record Stories is produced in Seattle, WA and is a collaboration between Easy Street Records, Rachel Flotard, Ruinous Media,  and Lake & Pine Design Studio.

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